Head of Department : Dr. Vivek Prabhu


Telephone: 00966163260111

Ext. : 4155

Email: vpramachandra@uom.edu.sa



About the department :

The department provides knowledge and science in the field of dental and oral health care through didactic , clinical and practical courses from year 2 till year 6 using scientifically developed curriculum and modern and advanced teaching methodologies.

  • The department has 4 divisions :
  • Division of Dental Public Health and Community Dentistry.
  • Division of Pediatric Dentistry.
  • Division of Periodontics.
  • Division of Orthodontics.

Objectives :

To offer people an access to high quality and affordable dental care and to improve their overall health in a convenient, caring and respectful manner.

Mission :

To deliver dental courses aimed at developing the skills necessary to alleviate dental diseases by providing care and education to members of the community and enable dental graduates to play a role as health professionals at the local, regional and national levels.