Dr. Mansour Alsoghair

Dean, College of Dentistry

Dr. Vivek Prabhu

Head of Preventive Dental Sciences Department

Dr. Mudit Uppal

Head of Restorative Dental Sciences Department

Dr. Hazem Rizk

Head of Basic Oral and Medical Sciences Department

Dr. Ramesh Halebathi

  • Specialization: Conservative Dentistry
  • Phone: 00966163260111
  • Ext: 4114
  • Email: rhgowdra@uom.edu.sa

Dr. Mohamed Moustafa

Head of Oral Basic and Clinical Sciences Department

Dr. Sameh Elshaer

Dr. Shuja Ur Rehman

Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Rehabilitation Department

Dr. Gurleen Arora

  • Specialization: Fixed Prosthodontics
  • Phone: 00966163260111
  • Ext: 4204
  • Email: gparora@uom.edu.sa

Dr. Sumona Bhattacharjee