Head of Department : Dr. Mohammed Mustafa


Telephone: 00966163260111

Ext.: 4117

Email: mmhayathbasha-t@uom.edu.sa







Vision :

We look forward to be an active member of the college and the community to be a center for the diagnosis and treatment of challenging orofacial diseases and to be a center for scientific research in Oral Pathology, Oral Diagnosis and Oral Biology.

Objectives :

To establish advanced academic programs of the courses offered by the department to help promote the theoretical and practical background of our students so that they are well-prepared to practice the profession after graduation and to provide them with the necessary skills to achieve the appropriate diagnosis of Orofacial diseases.

To spread knowledge in the disciplines of Oral Biology, Oral Diagnosis and Oral Pathology and the diagnostic tools among dentists through conducting continuous collaboration with the continuous dental education committee.

To encourage scientific research by establishing research groups consisting of department members based on their research interests and proficiencies.

Goals :

To offer graduate programs to our students that will facilitate their acceptance in world-renowned universities that address the needs of the society.

To activate the labs and increase their proficiency to meet all needs of training and practice of students and staff members.