Supervisor : Dr. Vivek Prabhu

Telephone: 00966163260111

Ext.: 4155


Field Experience :

One of the missions of the Dental College is a leadership role in the continuous education and training of dental graduates, equipping them to face professional challenges and to accept diverse responsibilities.

A dental graduate must undertake a twelve (12) months internship to meet a mandatory requirement for full registration as Dental Practitioner. Upon successful completion of the specified requirements, the intern will receive a certificate of competence of one-year training.

Mission :

The mission of the internship program during this period is to enhance the intern’s dental professional skills through providing extensive clinical training, community services participation and research activities.

Vision :

The vision of the Internship program is to empower dental students and alumni to discover, develop, evaluate, and implement their unique professional goals as they prepare for careers in an ever-evolving dental field.

Objectives :

  • Enhance their knowledge, skills and competency in the practice of General Dentistry.
  • Provide them with an insight particularly in the area of their planned future dental specialty.
  • Be involved in research projects that can motivate them to show their innovative ideas and develop their scientific writing abilities.
  • Awaken their interest in pursuing graduate studies and continuing dental education.
  • Gain experience in risk assessment and management of medically compromised patients, as well as emergency and primary dental care.
  • Excel in verbal communication skills and usage of audio visual aids through formal lectures and seminar presentations.
  • Maximize their views on latest programs in oral health through community involvement.