The College of Dentistry occupies two separate buildings (male building and female building) that constitute the College of Dentistry at the Mustaqbal University campus in Buraydah-Al-Qassim- Saudi Arabia.


The College provides excellent 7 Clinics and 18 Labs with all the needed facilities of allowing students to practice all the fields and to master all the techniques in dentistry.


The College is always caring to update the clinics and labs with all the newly advanced devices and tools to help the student to be up to date and well trained with all available devices in the occupational market.

A. Clinics

Male section :

The collage has 4 Dental Clinics :

  • Two Practical clinics.
  • One Screening clinic.
  • One Emergency clinic.

Female section :

The collage has 3 Dental Clinics :

  • Two Practical clinics.
  • One screening clinic.

B. Laboratories

The course oriented laboratories in use by the dental department are housed in the College of dentistry buildings.

Each lab is used to teach one course or more.

Listing of the laboratories in the college is listed below :

(Eight labs in male section and Eight labs in female section) :

  • Physiology Lab.
  • Anatomy lab.
  • Biochemistry lab.
  • Microbiology lab.
  • Phantom lab.
  • Ortho-pedo lab.
  • Dental anatomy/histology and oral pathology lab.
  • Preclinical prosthetic lab.

Oral histology lab/ Oral Biology lab/ Oral Pathology lab :

Department of Oral Pathology is involved in training the undergraduates in Dental Anatomy, Oral biology and Oral pathology, a composite of basic dental Sciences & their clinical applications.

It is essential for students to understand the histological basis of various dental treatment procedures.

The department is concerned with the teaching of Dental Anatomy in second year, Oral biology and Oral Pathology in 3rd and 4th year respectively.