Objectives :

  • Leadership : we work in a way to create a vision and set standards to make a difference
  • Community Service : We respect our culture and consider our social diversity to serve our community
  • Innovation : We keep and eye on the future and believe in creativeness to upgrade our profession


  • Excellence : We strive to perform at the highest level
  • Professionalism : We value professionalism as the spirit of our work and attitude
  • Integrity : We embrace integrity in all our activities and consider it essential to our identity

Vision :

To be the leading college in dental education in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mission :

The college dedicates its resources to excellence in education, patient care, promotion of research and contribution to the improvement of oral health in Al-Qassim region and across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Dean’s word

Dr. Mansour Ibrahim Alsaghir

Dentistry.Dean@uom.edu.sa Dean's word